Sing on the next Thunderstone Music Video?

Hi there, Thunderstoners!

Do you like singing?

And more precisely: do you like to sing Thunderstone songs?

We hope you do, because we have exciting news for you:

We are recording a new version of Virus. A bit faster, a bit harder… a version that suits 2020.

To participate the battle against the pandemic.

Here’s what we would like you to do

Get your backing track here!
Click the three dots on the right and download.
  1. First, download the backing track from the player link above
  2. Then, record yourself singing the chorus. (You can do this as a video, with your phone. Send the video to us, we can take the audio from there.)
  3. Now that you’re ready. send the clip to us via WeTransfer. (Our email address is
  4. Last, tell us if you allow us to use the video too. If you give us this permission, you may appear on the music video. (If you do not give your permission, or say nothing, we take that as a no and you will not be seen. We will only use your audio in this case. No need to worry about privacy if that’s what you want.)

That’s it! Easy!

One more thing:

Send your videos before 3 July 2020!

Oh, and you know what?

We are also opening our webshop again. Jukka closed it down in 2018 and if we’re lucky he has already opened it again. (Apparently there are some troubles with the shop part of the site, and he’s not a web dev guy… so if it’s not up, don’t be mad at him.)

And seriously, if the shop is down and you would still like some cool Thunderstone shirts and hoodies, you can just send us an email. We’ll tell you what we have available if you want to get something.

Thunderstone shop is opening
Thunderstone shop is opening again!